How To Style The Floral Trend

Apr 28, 2014

Florals is not exactly a ground-breaking new trend. You know it, I know it. But what makes it an annual trend that we can’t help but revive again and again? The reminder of a brighter day perhaps. When you hit the shops in hopes of finding something to satisfy the shopaholic tendencies within, and you start to notice floral patterns popping into window displays here and there. That’s when you can safely say, spring is here.

Yes. The spring season is not just a time that entails allergies. It’s the time when you can FINALLY pack away the winter clothes. So, girl, put away the peacoats! Pack away all your thick sweaters! Hide all your thermals! It’s time for some shorts, flowy shirts, and cardigans! The floral trend is a yearly indicator of when we can start transitioning our wardrobe into lighter, less clunky outfits.

Do you like to amp up the girl in you and go full out on pastels and roses? Do you prefer to even out the playing field by pulling inspiration from your punk-rock phase and throw on an acid wash worn tee under a leather moto vest? Or maybe even taking a step further and bring the florals back to Mother Earth with a cool bohemian vibe? What’s your take on it?

At LookMazing, we love mixing and matching trends to our own style. One way we would pair florals is with stripes. Combining patterns is a tricky thing, but if you choose the perfect balancing duo, or even trio if you’re brave enough, it would look so chic! You can wear a striped tee with a floral mini skirt or if you want to go the more subtle route, you can wear a striped top with jeans and pop on a floral statement necklace!

Another way to wear florals is with denim. Wearing it the old fashion way, very all American-esque, with a floral dress and denim jacket or even a flowy, floral top with distressed boyfriends jeans would look great!

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