The Top 4 Ways Fashion Bloggers Instagram Their Outfits

Sep 09, 2014

Written By: lookmazing

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Instagram is undoubtedly one of our favorite apps for sharing pictures of our family & friends, embracing our inner foodie, and admiring those pretty beach sunset photos. However, did you just get your order from Forever 21 that you can’t wait to share? Whether you’re a fashion blogger, an individual inspired to get into the fashion world, or just simply like your outfit today, here are a few tips to get your look Instagram ready!

1) Flat Layout/Outfit Grid Style

“My Study Day at the Cafe Outfit” taken on Canon Rebel SL1

Taken on iPhone 5

Laying out your outfit has now become an art in the Instagram world, both in showcasing what you had for Sunday breakfast or your new items from your Zara haul. Nonetheless, it’s easy for anyone to do with just about any camera. The “flat layout” style showcases not only your great folding skills, but also highlights every item you’re including in your #ootd.

For the best results, start with a cute background: a colorful scarf, patterned bed sheet, polished hardwood floor, or just about any flat surface that can help make your outfit pop! Your followers will be able to see how you’re pairing the items together and envision the outfit on both you and on themselves!

LookMazing Tip: Add some of your personal quirky touches including your current read, makeup pairings, or an arrangement of your favorite flowers. These added touches will make your outfit layout more unique!

To get the right view, don’t be afraid to stand up on a chair if you have to!

Courtesy of of A Little Dash of Darling

2) The Classic Mirror Picture

No one around you to take a photo of your outift? The simple solution is staring you right in the face, literally. Mirror pictures can be taken well, just about anywhere. So, what works best? You can use your clean, full-length mirror in your bathroom, closet door bedroom, or a fitting room in a clothing store, etc.

LookMazing Tip: Reflections are just about anywhere and not just in mirrors! Seek something unique instead of going for your average mirror. like your reflection in a building or a mirror with a detailed border. Also, good old natural lighting will always be your best friend!

Have no shame in your mirror picture game, fashion bloggers are pros at it!

Courtesy of of Damsel in Dior

Courtesy of of The Pink Peonies

LookMazing Tip: The best mirror pictures put the outfit at the center of attention, so tidy up your surroundings to let your outfit shine (not your dirty room).

3) The Outfit #Selfie

Courtesy of of Song of Style

An outfit #selfie is exactly what you think. In this view, you are giving an up-close and personal view of what you’re wearing. I’m sure a lot of fashionistas and bloggers can agree, it’s all about finding the right angles. Extend your arms out as far as you can. A full outfit view is best when shooting from an angled, bird’s-eye view. Also, no need to include your face, because that’s what regular #selfies are for.

LookMazing Tip: Cropping your photo in Instagram is less ideal, because you are forced to cut out some details in your outfit if they don’t fit in a square view. Thankfully, apps like Whitagram and Picstitch are very helpful in preserving the original proportions of your photo while sizing it to fit in a square view. You can even compile your photos into a pretty collage, without sacrificing any details!

Courtesy of of M Loves M

If you have some fancy, new footwear to share, another approach is to take a photo from top-down by holding the camera near your face to create photos for #fromwhereistand.

4) Photoshoot It!

Our last tip is to essentially do as the fashion bloggers do and host your own photoshoot with your friend (or bug your boyfriend)! Choose an outdoor setting to enhance your outfit or stand against a plain or patterned wall. Your bestie photographer for the day should be someone who will make you feel comfortable and help guide you to the right poses to get your perfect shot!

Courtesy of of Sincerely Jules

Courtesy of of Saphira Liz

LookMazing Tip: As mentioned, good lighting will always be your best friend. There are tons of photo enhancement apps out there, but some of our favorite apps in editing for a professional or vibrant look include VscoCam, Camera+, and PixlrExpress.

On LookMazing, your fashion and beauty Instagram posts can be easily uploaded and turned into shoppable looks to be admired by others. Get rewarded for your style and earn points when you shop – points are redeemable for items in your LookMazing wishlist!

Remember, the more creative your approach is, the more excitement you’ll add to your outfit posts. Whether seen as a hobby or a start to following your desire to work in fashion, you never know where it may lead you!

So get out there and start snapping away! Show us your favorite way to show off your outfit and tag us at @LookMazing!

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