Styling with Sequins

Dec 11, 2014

Written By: Priya Seth

Do you have a holiday party to attend this winter? A hot date in the city? A New Year’s Eve gala? Do you just want to get glammed up for a night out with the girls? There is one simple answer hidden somewhere in your wardrobe: sequins! Autumn is coming to a close, and we are ready to get out our sparkly shoes and glamorous dresses for all the upcoming holiday festivities.

Sequins have been a popular fashion trend since the 1980s, and they are being reinvented and repurposed to create a chic look that can be elegant and classy as well as fearless and sharp for all your holiday events!

Below are three ways to style sequins:

Go for sequin tops and sequin blazers

Sequin tops and sequin blazers are a great way to add some sparkle without appearing too “over-dressed”

Rock sequined bottoms

Pairing a sequin skirt or a pair of sequin pant with more a casual top is the way to go to create a statement look

Accessorize with sequins

If you're looking for a more subtle way to incorporate sequins, sequin clutches, sequin scarves, and sequin shoes are great eye-catching accessories

My personal favorites
Sarah Jessica Parker looks so effortlessly chic with shining sequins across her entire outfit! Don't be afraid to be bold and pair sequins together to create a refreshing, classy look ready for the holiday spirit.
This top gives the outfit that extra bit of edge, perfect enough to make a statement, but not too much where it becomes overpowering. I love how she paired the top polka dot pants to give the outfit some extra flair and character.
This sequined black skirt is so versatile, and I absolutely love this outfit's winter effect. A beanie, tights, & sequins all together make the holiday season more apparent.
These pants are so glamorous and hip, and I love how they 'made' the outfit. There is no way you can't feel great wearing them. I would definitely recommend a plain top, jacket, and shoes so all the attention can be driven towards the glimmering pants!
Clutches are so much fun to carry around the city, and this sequined one works well for the bold, chic outfit. It makes the outfit more fun, and you could also use the clutch for a party or fancier gathering.
These shoes are super cute, and can be styled with skirts, shorts, pants, and dresses! The sequins make the shoes shine, and gold is a great color to complement the season.

Sequins are so versatile and can be worn for many different occasions. Have fun this holiday season dressing up with sequins and remember to show them off with a bold, confident attitude! We would love to see how you're styling them - share it with us on LookMazing!

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