4 Easy Tips to Going Monochromatic

Jan 22, 2015

Written By: April Merlas

Lacoste NYFW

Say goodbye to the days that wearing all black meant you were channeling your inner goth or having a closet full of just one color is some reality TV worthy crazy obsession. Perhaps it’s just some days we feel like living our lives in one color and that’s okay! We like to think that we make it up with our colorful personalities. But seriously no, we’re not being “basic” or bitter about #MotivationMondays and #WCW’s. We’re talking the latest trends in monochromatic looks. So can #MonochromaticMonday be a thing now?

Golden Globes 2015

The monochromatic trend, having roots in minimalist fashion that’s been sweeping NYFW runways from designers like Proenza Schouler, Lacoste and Michael Kors in all sorts of color ranges. Of course these looks are so sophisticated and chic in all black and winter white (as seen on this past Golden Globes red carpet). What’s hot now are neutral palettes in creamy beiges, nudes and greys.

Even fashion blogger SongofStyle took to her Instagram page recently to note she prefers to spell grey with an ‘e’ and that in her opinion, grey just may be the new black. Do you agree with her? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!

What we do know for sure is that with this trend you can’t really go wrong. But here are a few tips to pull it off and never fall flat on one note:

1) Go All Out

It’s all fun from head to toe to accessory! You know you want to.

2)   Mix Different Textures The trick is to not be afraid to mix different textures! It adds more balance to your outfit. A fuzzy textured sweater and sleek faux leather leggings? Fringe, suede AND velvet? Oh, the possibilities are seriously endless!

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3) Play up the Hues If you’re thinking one color is nothing but boring, mixing it up with variations of colors in the same or opposite color family adds ton of interest!

4) Pair with an Accent Color

There are absolutely no rules against finding a perfect accent color to pair along with an outfit. The same works for this trend and we love a mean pop of neon, like this sweet coat!

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