Step into ‘Athleisure’ with These Hot Sneakers

Jan 29, 2015

Written By: April Merlas

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Rebecca Minkoff Athleisure Collection April 2015

As they say, old habits die hard and it couldn’t be more true in fashion. Lately there’s been an 80’s staple being styled in the blogisphere that is way too familiar: the Adidas Originals classic Superstar for both men in women in classic and similar styles.

This comeback couldn’t be possible without Athleisure. It’s a hot word that should be marking the beginning of your 2015. Early 2014, we saw successful collaborations that marked a new beginning to fashion forward sportswear. UK brands introduced athletic wear focus including Adidas x Topshop, which featured fresh florals on your everyday track suits, including pineapples as a hot summer print.

Similarly, there was Puma x Asos, with their 2nd collaboration taking sportswear in a 90’s feel with bold reds, cropped sweatshirts, and shoe designs on the puma discs. Even partnerships with celebrities like Pharrell, Rita Ora and Solange Knowles had a focus on athletic wear street style.

Fast forward to now, sportswear chic morphed into being more-than-stylish-for-the-gym and even more statement making. It’s chic everyday wear plus gym loungewear combined with our obsession for easy, cool comfort.

More brands and high end designers like J.crew x New Balance, Keds x Kate Spade, and Alexander Wang have all caught on. The latest being designer Rebecca Minkoff is launching her line of athleisure wear in the Spring.

Athleisure wear is generally based on the individual and we’ve seen styles going from moderately chic to steppin’ out sexy. Because who can really complain about being comfortable? And it wouldn’t be complete without the shoes to match. Check out these hot picks for the season!

Classic Comfy


Sporty Spice


Gotta Be Bold


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