How To Wear Culottes

Apr 30, 2015

Written By: Samantha Lee

Lately the fashion world has been seeing a lot of trends inspired by the 70’s, but there is one trend that throws it back all the way to the Renaissance era: Culottes. Culottes used to be worn in the late middle ages and during the Renaissance by upper class European gentleman. Back then they were referred to as sans-culottes , but here in 2015 they are the latest fashion trend being worn by women ranging from our favorite fashion bloggers to our favorite celebrities.

Styling Tips

Since culottes are far from the standard skinny jeans that people today are use to, styling these pants may seem intimidating at first. But as difficult as they may seem, culottes can actually be paired with a large variety of items! At first glance these pants may seem like a fashion-statement only piece, but once you see how versatile they really are, they can definitely become a fashion staple piece as well.

When pairing tops with culottes, you cannot go wrong with a crop top. Whether its fitted or detailed with lace, any crop top will go perfectly.

 Have a flowy tank or blouse you love to wear? Tuck it in! It will give your look an effortlessly sleek look.

Culottes can also be paired amazingly with sweaters and overcoats, making them not only great for those sunny spring days, but also year round during the fall and winter seasons as well.

The Finishing Touches

To tie your entire look together, here are some ideas for how you can pair jewelry and shoes. The amount of  jewelry depends on the style and print of both the pants and the top you chose to wear. If your outfit is more neutral and you want to spice it up, accessorize with your favorite statement pieces! If your wearing printed culottes or a statement top, opt for a simpler, more delicate jewelry style. Balance is key! In terms of shoes, it all depends on the style you are aiming for. For a more city sleek look, ankle booties or heels will compliment the cropped culottes beautifully. For a more casual look, strap on your favorite sandals for the perfect springtime outfit!


Our Favorite Culottes

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