How to Style Flatforms

Jun 02, 2015

Written By: Samantha Lee

Flatforms: the ultimate combination of flats, platforms, heels and wedges all rolled into one shoe. They have the height of platforms, the comfort of flats, the versatility of wedges and the style statement aspect of heels. These shoes have become one of the many trends that the fashion world has been seeing lately and though they are not your typical shoe choice, they are extremely versatile and can be personalized to fit your personal style.


If you find that your wardrobe is filled with classic pieces, here are some ideas on how to integrate flatforms into your outfits! Stick with the neutral, solid colored flatforms such as tan, black and white. Pair your flatforms with your favorite summer shorts/skirts and balance out your entire look with a stylish hat to complete the look head to toe.

Perk: Flatforms give you height, giving a lift to every look!


Flatforms ease into the bohemian vibes easily as their neutrality lends well to balancing out the fun fringe and prints that are staples in any boho chic look. Whether your style is comprised of a love for fringe, prints or fun flowing clothing pieces, these sandals will be the perfect base for any look.

Perk: Though these shoes add height, their flat base keeps it comfortable, making them the perfect shoe for any and all spring and summer activities!


Though these sandals work extremely well with classic and boho outfits, they can be styled to fit an edgy look as well. If you find your style is more on the edgy side, go for metallic or black strappy flatforms. Pair them with your favorite shorts or studded pants to complete the look! Not only are flatforms versatile to fit with multiple syles, but they can be found in various styles as well.

Perk: Because flatforms are found in various styles ranging from classic white to edgy and black, they can be worn for many occasions! Wear them during the day for a summer picnic or pair them with your going out outfit for a comfortable night time shoe.

Our Favorite Flatforms

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