Easy Everyday Contour With The Lorac Pro Palette

Aug 25, 2015

Written By: Kelly Morales

Unless you’re a Hollywood socialite, you’re probably not being chased down by paparazzi or getting your picture taken everyday (selfies and Snapchat excluded). There are hundreds of tutorials on how to contour like a Kardashian, but for most of us, there’s no need to contour and highlight to those levels, at least not on an everyday basis. Although some might not find a need in contouring at all, as a person with a round face, I like to add some definition to areas where it lacks and enhance the cheek bones that I know are in there somewhere! Broken down into easy to follow steps, I show you how I achieve an easy, everyday contour.

The Products:

Personally, I like to use powder to contour because it lasts all day and it’s easy to blend. Picking the correct shade for your skin tone is essential to a natural looking contour, and I’m enjoying the Lorac Pro Contour Palette, which offers the best range of shades for most skin tones.

For application, the brush that comes with the palette has stiff bristles that provides a precise application, and is great for pressing the powder right into the hollows of your cheeks and also along the jaw line. For blending, I like to use a fluffy brush to diffuse the contour and make it look very natural. The Real Techniques Blush Brush and the Sephora Collection Pro #49 are great for seamless blending. To apply the highlight shades, I use a small tapered brush like the Real Techniques Contour Brush for a more precise application.


IMG_2426 (1)


The Steps:

1. Mixing the medium and dark colors together to make the perfect shade for my skintone, I press the product right into the hollows of my cheeks to create a sharp definition, a little bit on the sides of my forehead, and across the jawline.





2. To balance out the contour, I apply some subtle highlighting underneath my eyes and on the tops of my cheekbones. Using a mixture of the yellow and beige highlight shades, I place it directly underneath my eye, where it needs the most brightening, and bring it out and onto the tops of my cheekbones. Sometimes, I’ll highlight my cheekbones with the shimmer shade, but for the most natural look, a matte highlight shade works nicely.



3. Time to blend it all out! For my cheeks, I blend the contour out in an upwards motion so that the contour shade doesn’t get pulled down, which will make my cheekbones look lower. And we want to perk those babies up!



The finished result is a super natural contour that is hard to detect, but still gives the right amount of definition and brightness to emphasize certain features of the face.

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