Top 10 Designer High Heel Brands You Should Invest In

Feb 14, 2016

Written By: Guneet Kaur

You know that one pair of heels that call out to you through the window every time you walk by your favorite designer store. The ones that glisten under the sun and shine under the moon. The ones where you know just putting your feet into those clouds of happiness will instantly make you feel like you can strut down that red carpet like it’s your job. Yeah, that one. We all have that one pair of shoes that we cannot get off our minds. However, I am about to give you 10 designer high-heel brands that will either make you run out the door to buy one instantly or make you reconsider your dream heels.

10. Jimmy Choo

jimmy choo

Jimmy Choo ‘Faron’ Sandals

You can never go wrong with Jimmy Choo’s simple yet trendy style. From styles that range from the basic black pump to a fun multicolored snakeskin sandal, there is no doubt Jimmy Choo should be your next investment. Not to mention, it is rated as one of the few heels that literally won’t break your heel. It is the perfect mix of comfort and style! That’s probably why Nicole Richie, an American fashion designer, doesn’t mind spending a few extra $$ on a pair of these bad boys.

9. Prada


Prada Light Grey Bucklestrap Heel Platform Booties

Oh Prada, where to begin with their fine craftsmanship and attention to detail? It ranges from platform style to pointy toe to almond toe to whatever else your inner diva may crave. Speaking of diva, you know Beyonce will never miss an opportunity to pull out her Pradas. Its versatility will never fail to impress even the pickiest shoppers. Simple colors. Unique design. Great buy. What more do you need?

8. Aquazzura


Aquazarra Raffia PomPom Sandals

Don’t really like the average styles you see when you walk into a store? Well, I have one word for you. Aquazzura. It has heels in atypical colors and atypical styles. It is definitely a more fun and unique take on any and every pair of heels. One of their shoes even has fuzzy pom poms on them. How funky is that? You are making your own statement with a pair from Aquazzura. These are the heels to buy when you aren’t the one that goes with the status quo.

7. Manolo Blahnik


Manolo Blahnik ‘Swan’ Pump

Manolo Blahnik has the ability to take your outfit in any direction you desire. The elegant style of their Gibi to the hard-hitting style of the Swan, there is no way you will be disappointed in splurging on a pair of Manolo’s. It can up do any outfit you pick out of your closet. Even Olivia Palermo, an American socialite, has this on the top of her shopping list.

6. Stuart Weitzman


Stuart Weitzman ‘Saunter’ Pumps

Heard of Kate Middleton? Yeah, the Duchess of Cambridge. If she is rocking a pair of heels, your best guess is that it is probably a Stuart Weitzman. These shoes are the epitome of simply stunning. A majority of their styles aren’t the kind of high heels that will leave your feet in pain at the end of the night. The perfect height and the perfect style is a dream come true. So pick a pair, any pair. You surely will be able to match it with that outfit you have been dying to wear.

5. Saint Laurent


Saint Laurent “Tribute” Sandals

Treat yourself to a pair of heels from Saint Laurent and “regret” won’t exist in your dictionary anymore. The Tribute sandal is for that night on the town, while the Paris Skinny pump is a no-brainer for any formal event. It’s no wonder why people say every pair from Saint Laurent is classic. It is also a timeless piece; the variety of styles and colors will keep you coming back for more and more.

4. Gianvito Rossi


Gianvito Rossi ‘Allyson’ Sandals

Did someone say Chic? Gianvito Rossi did. It’s hard to perfect so many different styles, but this designer makes it seem effortless. For example the Allyson sandals. How many people can make mesh look that sexy? Very few. Even the Scalloped Boots and the Lace Sandals is nothing but perfection. There is no room for disappointment if you let yourself spulrge on a pair of Gianvito Rossis.

3. Badgley Mischka


Badgley Mischka Tatiana

Badgley Mischka screams elegant. Silver, Gold, Shiny Beads are all statements in every collection from Badgley Mischka. These are the perfect shoes to match your wedding dress and even the bridesmaids dress.  Don’t even hesitate to pull them out for any gala that may come your way. You’ll be hearing compliments, like “gorgeous”, “stunning”, and “beautiful” all night.

2. Valentino


Valentino ‘Rockstud’ Leather Pumps – Pink

You may be thinking twice before spending this much on a pair of shoes, but a Valentino is more than just a worthwhile investment. One step in these heels will instantly make you feel like the superstar you know you are. (Be sure to check out the RockStud Pointy Toe Pump, if you are more of a rockstar) And quality? Phenomenal. There really is no question about it. The best part is that it is blogger-approved! A lot of fashion bloggers own a pair of Valentinos so you know it is going to be a crowd pleaser. Don’t think twice; just buy it.

 1. Christian Louboutin


Christian Louboutin ‘Senora’ Pump

Warning: extremely addictive! Almost everyone has heard of the classic brand Chirstian Louboutin. (If you haven’t, say hello to your new obsession.) From the abstract colors and design of the Degraspike pump to the elegancy of the Senora pump, Louboutins will impress not only you, but everyone in the room too. Anyone can spot these beauties from miles away with their iconic red soles. More so, these shoes were built to last. These aren’t your average designer shoes; these are Christian Louboutins. So go ahead, I dare you to make yourself feel like that red carpet rolled out just for you.

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