The Fall/Winter 2016 Makeup Trends

Mar 28, 2016

Written By: Guneet Kaur

With another London, Paris, and New York Fashion Week gone by, we have yet again dropped our jaws to floor. We saw trends from every corner of the fashion array. Some designers were daring, some were conservative; but they all brought their personal touch of style to the runway this year. But apart from all this, I think it is worthy to highlight the beauty trends that emerged this season. Specifically, we saw many trends ranging from bold eye shadow colors to natural tones to even some unconventional uses of eye makeup. Every designer brought about a new trend that left the crowd in awe. Lucky for you, I noted down the top 5 makeup trends that came about from fashion week so you can be ahead of the beauty game (and I even curated product recommendations featuring the best brands to help you recreate the look).

5. Metallic Eyeshadow Be sure to WOW the CROWD with this bold choice of eye shadow color. You may as well start adding metallic colors  to your eye shadow collection now because the majority of designers have hinted at this trend. The designer Christopher Raeburn brought out his models with this stunning make up choice at London Fashion Week. You can also catch this trend modeled by Mason Margiela and Creatures of the Wild. This look gives you a daring but elegant look that works well for nights out! So don’t be afraid to break out from your palette of neutral eye shadows. Try a silver, gold, or maybe even purple metallic color to set the right mood!

4. Eyeliner Galore! 

From the neat flick of the cat eye to just a simple stroke of perfection on the bottom lid, eyeliner has been around for seasons. This season it is has taken that idea to the next level by making eyeliner BIGGER and BOLDER than ever before. Many models sported heavy eyeliners on the top and bottom lid for a fierce look that could kill. Some, like Louis Vuitton and Aganovich, took the concept of heavy eyeliner to the next level by drawing atypical shapes around the eye. It is a whole new eye-dea! Try some new shapes next time you are looking to be different!

3. Hue of Blue Blue was all over the stage this Fashion week from heavy pats of eye shadow to precise hints of eyeliner. It’s no surprise we are convinced that blue is the go-to color this season. Missoni exquisitely painted the blue right on the model’s eyelid creating an atmosphere of mystification. On the other hand, Phillip Lim kept it light with some blue eyeliner on parts of the top and bottom lid for an everyday look. So go ahead, dress your face up with some blue to give your go-to black eyeliner a break.

2. Back to the Basics 

Hold off putting on makeup right now, because this season the natural look is coming into style. Versace and Prabal Gurung sent their models out on the runway with barely any make up on to showcase that unrefined beauty is the way to go. It’s all part of the current organic movement that everyone has been raving about and it’s fantastic that designers have caught a whiff of this. With a naked face or even just hints of foundation and blush, you can head out that door and feel as glamorous as ever because you are beautiful just the way you are.

1. Color your Bottom Lid 

Personally, I am so glad this trend has hit the stage. It’s a stunning and simple way of taking the concept of colored eyeliner to a whole new level. Designers like Jonathan Saunders and Ohne Titel rocked their models with this trend to dress up their pieces. It immediately draws attention to your face and it also adds to the overall effect of your outfit. A simple stroke of purple eyeliner on your bottom lid to match those purple pumps you just got will leave your friends in awe. Even a stroke of any color of eyeliner with a basic black dress is just enough to make you feel captivating.

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