How To Style The Lace Bralette 6 Different Ways

May 04, 2016

Written By: Guneet Kaur

I have, at this very moment, 5 lace bralettes in my closet. It is safe to say that I have developed quite an obsession. I wear them almost everyday… BUT, I can whole-heartedly justify each and every purchase. The basics of the lace bralette is that it is comfy, a little sexy, and oh-so versatile! It can transform any outfit from boring to smashing in under 3 seconds.

I have compiled my 6 can’t-miss styles featuring the lace bralette for any season and any occasion! Whether you’re strolling the park, lounging at home, or going out on Friday, I assure you investing in a lace bralette will go a long way.

For this style, I am wearing the Free People Galloon Lace Halter Bra in the Atlas color.


  1. The Casual Code

Perfect for any spring day, this look is simply effortless. Having the lace bralette peek out from under a simple kimono is nothing but alluring to the eye. It goes above and beyond the average outfit of just jeans and a t-shirt. Change up the look by pairing it with shorts for a summer-day feel or throw on some ripped jeans for a boho vibe.

  1. The Trendsetter

I am on the lazier side when it comes to dressing nice so one of the key pieces in my closet is my maxi skirt. It’s super comfortable and it looks like you put some thought into your outfit. (…I guess my secret’s out?) The lace bralette perfectly compliments a maxi skirt because it really is a nice blend of sexy, cute, and casual!

  1. The Lounge-Look

This is a very simple outfit, but when you add the lace bralette, I am able to make you believe I have an insanely good sense of style. Basically…the lace bralette can do wonders for any outfit. A peek-a-boo back is the perfect way to go if you want to showcase this sexy piece of clothing in the beautiful summer sun.

  1. The Chic

The lace bralette just makes any trendy outfit that much trendier! I am sure you have seen off-the-shoulder tops and dresses sweep the racks of your favorite retailers. A top like that styled with a simple lace bralette is the perfect outfit for a casual spring day.

(Bonus: It also eliminates unwanted bra lining and straps that show from under your outfit)

  1. The Summer Vibe

I also have an obsession with rompers (but we can get into that later). I love that a simple romper like this one looks so much more stylish with the lace bralette. Whether you’re window shopping or just enjoying a summer day, this look will surely grab the attention of those who pass you by.

  1. A Chilly Morning

Oh the cold air. It is so hard to be very stylish when all you want to wear is sweatpants. It’s a tough choice, should I sacrifice warmth or should I sacrifice style? Personally, I just throw on my thickest jacket, jeans, and boots in the hopes that I don’t catch a fever. But not anymore! A lace bralette peeking out from under a simple sweater gets you the best of both worlds, warmth and style.


It’s a simple idea really.

No bralette? Boring.

Bralette? Now we are getting somewhere….

Fuel my obsession and let me know in the comments what other styles have you seen with lace bralettes?

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