Fashion Tips From A Young Professional in NYC

Aug 07, 2016

Written By: Lillian Albright

After a whirlwind of final exams, I completed my sophomore year at Harvard University in May and packed my bags for New York City. It’s been quite an experience, to say the least.
Growing up in a small town south of Seattle, I dreamt of living in the Big Apple. I am doing a full time, summer-long legal internship at a non-profit organization so my days are jam-packed, exciting, and varying day to day. One important thing that I have learned about the professional world, however, is that you cannot take a day off of putting yourself together in the morning and looking presentable in the workplace. In college, it is easy to get away with sweatpants and a baseball cap to hide the bags under my eyes, but “business casual” waits for no one. So, business casual it is….at least Monday through Friday.
One problem I have found as a “young professional” is that by doubling as a working woman during standard business hours and an on-the-go, twenty-something fashionista at all other times, I need a multi-functional wardrobe that can keep up. That’s why I was thrilled with this white halter peplum top by Tobi, because it does just that.

Think of it this way: it’s all business in the front, but a party in the back. On this particular day, I paired it with simple denim cutoffs by Forever 21 and a pair of nude platform sandals. To complete the look, I carried my black Dasein structured handbag that is also perfect for both work and a casual day off. This beautiful Tobi top has a high, modest neckline with an open back and it ties around the nape of the neck for a halter look. It is comfortable, classy, and keeps me cool in NYC’s heat – this makes it great dressed down for a day (or night!) out. Alternatively, I can throw on a blush pink blazer and black skinny jeans for a look more suitable for the office. I love the diversity that this piece offers because it is perfect for my on-the-go and busy lifestyle. With a college student’s budget, I always look for items that are practical and will give me my money’s worth – I think I scored on this one.


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