5 Different Ways To Rock Velvet This Season

Oct 10, 2016

Written By: Guneet Kaur

With a new season here, a style that I can’t help but notice that has been coming back is velvet. Dating back to the early 2000’s, velvet hasn’t seen the inside of a department store in a while. I first caught a glimpse of it on the runway, and, within weeks, it is already taking over the fashion world. Without a doubt, velvet is this season’s hottest textile. As much as I love the velvet textile, I still can’t seem to find the pieces that truly work for everyday wear. Let’s be real – you can only wear so many runway looks in real life. I set out on a mission to find the top velvet picks of the season that will wow the crowd and be a practical investment.

velvet booties

1. Velvet Booties

I absolutely love how versatile velvet booties are. Most velvet booties come in classic colors like navy blue and maroon, which you may think won’t ever match with your outfit. However, contrast is very in this season. A pair of velvet booties will pull any outfit together. Try it with jeans or a babydoll dress for a chic vibe. You could easily rock these bad boys all year long!

velvet choker2

2. Velvet Chokers

I personally own a velvet choker and it is hands-down one of my favorite purchases. Chokers are already a trending style this season and a velvet choker hits both trends with ease. I can’t get over the amount of ways you can pair it with any outfit for an unbeatable edgy look. (Rule of thumb: The thicker the choker, the edgier the look.)


3. Velvet Skirt

For the perfect party outfit, turn to a velvet skirt! With a cute white blouse, this outfit is ready for a night out with the ladies. It keeps it classy with just a little bit of sassy. Not the party type? It’s also a good choice for a date night outfit at your favorite fancy restaurant. With a cute pair of heels, this piece will get you ready for anything.

velvet jumpsuit

4. Velvet Jumpsuit

The best thing about a velvet jumpsuit is that it is a no-hassle outfit. It’s just one piece that can be paired with different shoes and accessories for a different vibe each time. With a pair of heels, this outfit says “I’m classy but don’t let this look fool you”. With a pair of white sneakers, this outfit says “I’ve got places to be, so make it quick”. Either way, this outfit is a staple piece you want in your closet!

velvet purse

5. Velvet Purse

To top it all off, a velvet purse is the easiest style to rock this season. It’s just the right amount of edgy, classy, and stylish, all in one piece! This style works best for both ends of the style spectrum. You can add it to a simple outfit like a white tee and jeans or to a formal dress for an unbeatable look.

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