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Jul 06, 2015

Influencers Becoming Entrepreneurs

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With the growing popularity around influencer marketing, influencers are taking their passion projects to the next level and transforming what was once a hobby into different kinds of businesses. See how influencers are becoming entrepreneurs

Jul 20, 2014

The Growing Influence of Young Content Creators

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One of my favorite parts of the start-up journey thus far is getting the opportunity to meet so many different people, especially at unexpected times and places. I was skeptical about the type of connections you could really forge online through social media channels, as people seemed to be more interested in increasing their follower count than developing actual …View More

Jan 08, 2014

A New Year, A New Fashionable You

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Hope everyone is off to a great start in the New Year!  Many of you have set 2014 resolutions – eat better, stay fit, save more etc. LookMazing, as a company, has also set some resolutions: Our top 3 resolutions 1. Listen better ~ our goal is to build something valuable for our users, so your …View More