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Jul 30, 2013

Written By: lookmazing

Connecting the Inspiration to the Purchase on the Video Front


Bloggers & Brands Can Create Shoppable Videos on LookMazing For Viewers to Easily Purchase Items Featured In Them

YouTube has become the go-to place for beauty & styling tutorials where individual personalities are gaining an enormous following. Sharing your latest purchases in the form of a ‘haul video’ is among one of the more popular forms of videos – there are around 700,000 haul videos on YouTube today.  Many of the larger names in the beauty vlogger (video blogger) world, such as Michelle Phan and Blair Fowler, had the first mover advantage and built successful brands and businesses around their YouTube fame.

Those who are now starting beauty or fashion blogging are having a harder time getting noticed among the sea of hopeful fashionistas and beauty gurus, all competing for the attention of viewers and brands.  LookMazing’s social platform is designed to help them build a following and partner with brands more easily.  Also, as brands start to embrace video marketing more, LookMazing will be a powerful tool for them to measure purchase conversion rates.

Fashion and beauty retailers have approached video bloggers to promote their products online because the voices behind these YouTube channels are often more relatable and compelling.  Many vloggers have maintained their authentic voice by choosing only to partner and promote brands they truly support.  Some vloggers will include product links in the description of their video to enable interested viewers to purchase them.

LookMazing’s new video feature makes it easier for content creators to connect the inspiration to the purchase by creating shoppable videos with LookMazing’s search engine (with products from over 200+ top retailers) & tagging tool to feature purchasable items below the video.  Since the embedded video links to their YouTube account, LookMazing drives additional views and subscribers to their channel.  Your member profile on LookMazing also serves as a portfolio that LookMazing utilizes to show retailers for potential collaborations.  LookMazing recently partnered with Macy’s and Madewell on blogger collaborations.

From a shopper’s perspective, LookMazing is the ideal social shopping destination to not only browse fashion and beauty photos, but also easily purchase items featured in them.  Our wishlist feature enables shoppers to easily save items they are interested in (and we’ll alert them if the items go on sale).

Both bloggers and shoppers also earn points on LookMazing that are redeemable for gift cards to any of our partner stores.  Find out more by joining here!

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