How To Create a Makeup Essentials Kit

Apr 21, 2014

Written By: lookmazing


Whether you’re just starting to experiment with makeup or you’re already a pro, creating a makeup essentials kit is an easy and minimal way to ensure you’re equipped with the necessary products to help freshen up your face. Our belief is that makeup should help you discover the more confident and beautiful version of yourself without drastically changing the way you look. We’ve assembled a kit that will do just that.

::: Our makeup essentials kit includes :::

Concealer: Finding the right shade and consistency is key. If you want to cover blemishes and any areas of discoloration, find a thicker concealer that most closely matches your skin color. Suffering from a lack of sleep and have dark shadows under your eyes? Opt for a creamy concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your skin color. If you need more coverage, you can apply a layer of corrector (a darker shade with a thicker consistency) and layer a lighter concealer over it. Finding the right shade (or combination of shades) is the trickiest part.  Once you have nailed that, the right concealer will instantly brighten up the face.

Powder: Like the concealer, finding the right color is key. Dusting some powder over areas where you applied concealer will help set it. Also, powder will help remove any excess shine and give your face an even finish. For a sheer finish, apply it using a powder brush. Using the powder puff that often comes in the compact will give you a more opaque finish.

Bronzer: If your skin hasn’t received love from the sun in a little while, you can create that sun-kissed look. Bronzers come in various forms: powder, gel, and cream. We find the powder formula to be the quickest and easiest to apply. To get that healthy glow, you want to apply the bronzer to the areas of your face that the light naturally hits (cheeks, nose, and chin).

Blush: To give your cheeks an extra pop of color, blush is typically used to create a feminine and pretty look. Available in various formulas: powder, gel, cream, pencil, tints, and pots. For a natural look, match the color of the blush to the color of your cheeks when they are flushed from exercising (or when you feel embarrassed). To get an extra pop, go for a brighter or lighter color to add more contrast to your face. Easiest way to apply blush is to smile and apply the blush on the apples of your cheek and blend upwards toward your hairline. On the way down, move the brush up-and-down in small strokes to soften the look and blend evenly.

Eyeliner: The ultimate way to enhance and define the eyes. Various forms include: gel, liquid, cake, and pencil liner. Pencils liners are the easiest to apply, but gel/liquid formulas tend to be more smudge-proof. Line the upper lash line by starting at the middle of the lash line, working towards the outer lash line in smooth strokes. Next, apply the liner from the inner corner of the eye and work towards the middle. Overall, the line should gradually get thicker as it moves towards the outer corner of the eye. To make your eyes appear even bigger, you can line the lower lash line (as close as possible to the lash line) and keep it thinner than the line you drew on the upper lash line.  Make sure to also connect the two lines (both in the inner and outer corners) to make the eyes look wider.

Mascara: Accentuating your eye lashes will add a little more drama to the eyes.  Mascara and an eyelash curler are the basic tools used to add more definition. Mascara comes in various formulas: thickening, lengthening, waterproof, and colored. Apply 2-3 coats for optimal impact. While looking down, start from the outer corner of your eye and work towards your nose. Apply to the base of your lashes and move the wand to separate the lashes as you go. Lightly apply mascara to the lower lashes (and use a Q-tip to clean off any excess).

Lip Gloss: Lip gloss adds a nice shine and fullness to the lips. Don’t apply too much!

All of these items will fit nicely in a makeup bag that you can easily carry with you in your handbag. The fun part of makeup is going beyond the basics and playing with different colors and techniques. We’ll continually share our tips and will also be looking to the members of LookMazing for inspiration.


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