How To Style The All White Trend

May 27, 2014

Remember those days when our mothers told us not to wear white after Labor Day? Well, we are turning that into a “wear all white all summer” kind of ordeal. With the burning sun and barely there wind, the color white can leave us with a more refreshing feeling. White is normally associated with celebration, life, and all things whimsical and free. Now, doesn’t that sound exactly like how we want to spend our summer?

Unlike the floral trend, the all white trend can be a little bit tricky if not handled with care. You don’t want to look too over the top, because we all know what bright lights and the color can do. One word, BLINDING. We have the sun to that job right? Just like it’s sister color, Black, it is best to experiment and mix with textures, lengths, and patterns.

White is just as easy to work with than black and pairing it with a statement clutch or shoes is perfect to throw off the trend a bit with a good splash of color. I guess a good sum up of the trend would be, “White is to summer, like Black is to winter”, well including all corresponding colors also. Let’s not leave out the pastels and such, but we’ll save that for another day!

Here at LookMazing, we love mixing trends and maintaining a balance of opposing styles. We love white or cream colored lace tops and pairing it with a pair of white denim cut off shorts. The edginess of the shorts with the feminine lace top is a great way to play both kinds of styles without being too much of either.

Another way to play the trend would be to wear a white crop top with a white midi skirt to balance the amount of skin you show. Remember, there is a fine line between classy and not so classy with crop tops and the rule of thumb is if you show more skin on top, cover up more on the bottom.

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