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Jul 04, 2014

Written By: lookmazing

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Hey, check out her arm candy! Among all of the weddings, brunches, and vacations you’ll be going to this summer, others will be admiring how you style this season’s “summer love” with accessories and lots of it! We’re talking about Swarovski detailed bracelets, hardware inspired cuffs, and matching rings! Top fashion bloggers and like-minded mavens have been seen out and about showcasing their best “arm swag” with their own take on the trend.

The most popular picks include Italian designs by Vita Fede, Bauble Bar, cuffs by Miansai, and classic pieces by David Yurman, just to name a few. Though, there is such a thing as over accessorizing, the summer stack is all about having fun by mixing different textures and styles or keeping it balanced with uniform pieces.

However you wear it, LookMazing has you covered on this trend: no boyfriend required!

This titan bracelet style has been taking the fashion blog-sphere by storm. Jeweled varieties are lined with a Swarovski cone detail and other styles are dressed with natural stone in navy blue and emerald green. Mix this style up with colorful rope bracelets and leather cuffs to keep it casual yet glam. Just think of it this way, wouldn’t you love to pile on a mix of your favorite candy if they were bracelets too? As seen on Song of Style

It’s clear to see jewelry designers have been in a hardware state of mind including bolt, screw, and nail detailing in their designs. When pairing these cuffs, like the brass screw cuff by Miansai, embrace it with a thick studded cuff for that tough girl sophistication. It also goes to show that the chunkier, the better! As seen on Brooklyn Blonde

Accessorizing in David Yurman is kind of like having attractive arm candy by your side, right? With this style, you can go for a monochromatic look while stacking it on. Even paired with a watch, the elegant cable design is perfect for a classy evening out and accessorizing for a summer wedding. As seen on The Pink Peonies

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