Influencer Feature: Danica of DanicaMMakeup

Oct 14, 2015

Written By: Kelly Morales

Danica Mae of DanicaMMakeup is the star of her own YouTube channel, where she captivates over 80K of her subscribers with her bubbly personality. From her tips on how to stay organized in school to watching her get ready for prom, she’s inspiring her viewers on how to live a positive and passionate life. If only she was around when we were in high school!

As the winner of our Back to School Makeup Challenge with BH Cosmetics, we caught up with her to hear more about her YouTube career and her must-have beauty items for this season:

DanicaMMakeup ft
DanicaMMakeup ft

1. What motivated you to become a content creator on YouTube?
I actually started making random videos when I was very small. I always made the weirdest videos since I was in elementary school. I would record myself doing weird things like sing or dance or just talk to the camera and upload them online on many social media sites. This lasted all the way till high school, but then I finally made a channel when I found the beauty community and I fell in love!

2. How do you balance YouTube and school?
When balancing school and my YouTube together, it’s very hard. I’m going to be honest and say I focus on my videos more than school. BAD, I KNOW!! It doesn’t sound as bad as you may think. I still balance both. If I do my homework first, my motivation to finish homework is to edit my new video. That will 100% motivate me to finish my schoolwork.

3. What tips do you have for someone who is thinking about becoming a content creator?
DO IT! Whatever it is you love doing, whether it’s dancing, cooking, singing, or just even talking… DO IT! I believe YouTube is for anyone who is confident enough to talk to the camera which will eventually become an audience. The internet is a beautiful place to show what you love doing. Do whatever it is that makes you happy!

4. What are your must-have beauty items for fall?
I made a Fall video where it had some of my essentials in it. It is hands down dark plum, berry, purple colored lip products! It just makes you look amazing, no matter what skin tone! It is just perfect.

DanicaMMakeup ft
DanicaMMakeup ft

5. Eyeliner or lipstick?
Eyeliner! I can’t really live without my cat eye wing.

6. Instagram or Snapchat?
Instagram! One of my favorite social media apps.

7. Boots or sneakers?
Boots! They are just super easy to put on and take off. Who doesn’t like that?

Admire Danica on LookMazing here, and be sure to check out her YouTube channel at DanicaMMakeup!

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