5 Women’s Fashion Trends That Guys Hate

Apr 18, 2016

Written By: Sergio Saucedo

Men are more aware of what you’re wearing than you think. Contrary to popular belief, guys actually do notice what you’re wearing. In fact, some fashion statements will even deter them from asking you out. Look I get it—you are your own woman and you don’t need a guy with a different style sense telling you what to wear. Of course, for the most part, most guys really do appreciate how much time you spend every single day revamping yourself. But, I bet you are a little curious about the trends men hate and why. You might even have something in your wardrobe right now that could be a male repellent. With that being said, here are the 5 style trends that I think most guys want women to stop wearing.

High Waisted Jeans


The first on the list, and the most universally hated by men are high-waisted jeans, or high-waisted anything for that matter. Even the sexiest super models on the planet look just OK in them. I can guarantee you almost any guy would prefer to see your love handles than see you in pants that remind him of his mom’s jeans. This trend use to be the rage in 60s, and I’m all for bringing back nostalgic trends, but certain things should stay in past.

Alternative: Guys love girls in skinny jeans; some distressed denim is always a great choice and is simply a classic essential.



Don’t do it. Jordans have and will probably remain one of the most highly coveted and worn sneakers ever by men. I can’t tell you how many times I have been walking through the city and I see the most beautiful girl in the world and then I come to find out she is wearing Jordans – instant turn off. In my own opinion the shoes are too bulky to be worn by women and they usually clash with most outfits. I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear them, but a little advice, don’t feel the need to match them with your outfit – it comes off a little too matchy-matchy and it looks a bit over done.  

Alternative: Just about anything is a great alternative. We love to see the feminine side of a women, so heels, flats, wedges, and pumps are always great choices. But, we also like to see the side of you that can be casual, so sporting some Adidas, Nikes, or Vans sneakers are great back-ups. If you need help finding some alternatives, check out our recent post on the latest trending sneakers to find a pair that fits your style.

Big Sunglasses


Living in California for my entire life I can totally understand how essential sunglasses are on the daily. What I can’t understand is, what drives women to buy these oversized sunglasses that make every women look like a bumble bee? Large sunglasses are the universal bane of existence for all men. Plus, from a guy’s perspective they block off a good portion of your beautiful face, and we want to see it. Now why would you want to hide it?

Alternative: Great substitutes include Ray-Ban’s wayfarer style sunglasses. They are cool, elegant, timeless, and best of all they are the perfect size. But if you’re not a fan of the wayfarer profile, try any of the Warby Parker styles. Of course, another option is to not wear any sunglasses at all, but let’s face it with warmer weather finally here, it’s time to transition them back into your purses.

Big Bangles


I’m all for accessorizing, but something about bangles clanging around all the time makes me lose my mind. Small accessories are subtle and effective when it comes to putting the finishing touches on your outfit. However, those big bangles are a fashion violation that will surely have you on the next episode of the show Fashion Police. As a man, I can’t stand seeing them or hearing them, but you, as a woman, don’t they get annoying?

Alternative: Any accessory will do, as long as they are not oversized, a nuisance, and don’t make that infuriating clanking noise every other second.



I honestly didn’t know what peplum was until I saw a friend wear it, and let’s just say she hasn’t since. Just because Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing peplum once doesn’t mean it should have become a fashion trend. Admittedly, I don’t keep particularly up to date with women’s fashion more than what I see on the street, but I’m pretty sure this trend was supposed to be dead like 3 years ago – so why does it continue to haunt this earth? Is it a short skirt, or are you wearing a long skirt? I can’t tell. Take peplums as a warning for future generations – next time a terrible fashion trend dies, make sure it is actually dead and not plotting a comeback.

Alternative: A maxi skirt is a great alternative to the horrors that is a peplum. Of course, a timeless classic that has been a staple piece in everyone women’s wardrobe since the dawn of time is a dress. Men simply love the way that women look in them, and women love wearing them. So it’s a double win.


Whether you agree or not, let’s face it ladies you are probably over some of these trends as well. What is your least favorite trend? Anything to add to the list? Tell us in the comments below.

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