The A to Z Men’s Style Essentials Guide

Jul 14, 2016

Written By: Sergio Saucedo


Photo via @oh_anthonio

Hey guys, we didn’t forget about you! We’re excited to kick off content for the modern man and discuss a wide range of topics dealing with style, footwear, grooming, etc. Of course, menswear is a rather unique topic, so we thought it was fitting to start it off with the top wardrobe essentials that all men should have in their closet. All the chosen pieces are timeless and will have any man looking top notch. With that being said, we’re kicking it off with the LookMazing Men’s Style Essentials Guide.

Let’s Begin.


Photo via @oh_anthonio

A is for Aviators

Love them or hate them, aviators have withheld the test of time, and the tides of fashion.

B is for Bomber Jackets

Just because it’s warm doesn’t mean you have to ditch wearing lighter jackets. A bomber jacket in navy or jet-black is a year-round staple. Perfect for a night out at the beach.

C is for Cuff Links

Elevate your tastefully polished look with an added personal touch on your wrist.


D is for Duffle Bags

Spontaneous rendezvous this weekend? A duffle bag is the right size for all your go-to essentials.

E is for Eau de Parfum

Get your womanizing fragrance nailed now. Made by Chanel, the Bleu De Chanel is the immaculate scent for any season.

F is for Fedora

Word of the wise. NEVER wear a fedora unless your name is Don Draper, or you’re over the age of 65. Nuff Said.

G is for Goyard

Any leather good created by the legendary French Maison Goyard is a must-have.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 1.22.37 PM

H is for Henley Shirts

To put it simple: henleys are unstoppable and versatile no matter how you decide to wear them. Plus, they give you that added hint of sex appeal.

I is for Invisible Socks

No one can see them, and thankfully they avert anyone from smelling your feet.

J is for Denim Jeans

It’s fact: a man wears his jeans with just about everything, so the perfect pair of denim is key.

K is for Khakis

Not into denim? No problem. Khakis are a cool and breezy alternative.

L is for Leather Jackets

Nothing says rugged and masculine better than a sleek leather jacket.

M is for Moisturizer

Don’t worry, we aren’t saying you don’t use one already. But, does yours have SPF? Because it should.

N is for Nike

Just do it.

O is for Oxford

No matter what the occasion is, a crisp white button-down will always suffice.

P is for Pea coat

There should be no excuse for a man not to own a classic pea coat.

Q is for Quilted Jacket

Whether oversized and warm or light and practical, this staple outerwear piece is a must-have.

R is for Reversible Leather Belts

No man should have too many accessories, but a double-sided leather belt is crucial.

S is for Slim Fit Suits

Because every man should own, as a bare minimum, one tailored suit (pressed and ready).

T is for Trench Coat

Think Burberry. Classic, cool, and timeless.

U is for UltraBoost

As in U need to go get some Adidas ASAP. It’s like walking on clouds.

V is for V-Neck (as in, Avoid Deep Ones)

Don’t go overboard, no one wants to see your hairy chest. Seriously.

W is for Wayfarer

If you are ever in doubt about sunglasses, go with this classic and reliable style.

X is for is for eXperimentation (X is a tough one)

Don’t be scared to try new things. Play with patterns, mix and match, just don’t go Jaden Smith on us.

Y is for YEEZY (every season)

Because we all want to feel like Pablo.


Z is for Zegna Short Sleeve Shirts

A must-have for a night out. Works well on its on, or use it as a base for a layered up look.

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