Top 5 Tea Tree Oil Products To Treat Acne

Aug 06, 2016

Written By: Guneet Kaur

Acne is a struggle in every woman’s (and man’s) life while growing up. Countless face washes, home made remedies, and beauty products are exhausted in trying to get rid of those unwanted blemishes. Every few months we see the media raving about some new “natural” or “organic” or “revolutionary” product that will cure acne once and for all. But, somehow, acne prevailed every time until I discovered this natural ingredient, tea tree oil. This is the one product that many others and I can personally vouch for. It clears the skin, adds nourishment, and leaves your skin feeling fresher than ever! For your convenience, you can find it as a plain oil or find it infused into masks, lotions, and face washes.

Tony Moly I’m Real Tea Tree Mask:

Personally, I love using masks, because it gives me that “fresh out of the spa” feel, without paying the spa price. That is the exact feeling I get with Tony Moly’s I’m the Real Tea Tree Mask. This mask does an amazing job at infusing tea tree into the mask, nourishing your face with the needed antioxidants that keep it clear and smooth. I’d recommend using a mask to those of you who would rather use a skincare product weekly, instead of daily. I’m pretty horrible at remembering to apply something every day, so a deep hydrating mask that takes a little under 20 minutes is my preferred choice. This mask is also mixed with some other key ingredients, like lemon, thyme, and rosemary, that act as an anti-inflammatory agent and soothes irritated skin.


Belif Tea Tree Oil:

What I really like about simple Tea Tree Oil is the variety of application methods and uses! From cotton swabs to direct spot application, there are more ways than one to effectively use this product to the max. Belif Tea Tree Oil is known to be more of a targeted approach for tea tree oils. It is a fantastic way to treat acne year round on a need-be basis; on top of that, it even revives skin and gives it a finishing glow. It’s even made with skin-revitalizing ingredients like chamomile and lavender oils. It’s also sulfate-free, so no harsh chemicals will be coming near your face. This product is a little stronger than most other brands, so its perfect for using on tougher acne daily.


The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil:

Revitalize your skin with another simple Tea Tree Oil that is proven to be effective in all the right areas. This product is versatile in application methods, especially since you can use it in a bath! So, for those of you with acne on your body (especially the hard-to-reach areas such as the back), you can now easily treat them by soaking in a bath. This product is perfect for combating breakouts at the first sign of trouble or even clearing up the pimples that just won’t go away. Chi Tea Tree Oil has a nice fragrance, so it’s a great way to soothe blemished skin and walk away smelling amazing!


Gena Tea Tree Oil:

Look to Gena Tea Tree Oil for a product that can combat the tougher blemishes that irritate your skin. You will notice positive results on your skin in just one simple overnight application. Although it may not seem as if you are not getting much quantity for your money, this product doesn’t require much to be effective. This is 100% Tea Tree Oil and isn’t mixed with any other agent, so you know you are applying a completely natural product to your skin. Just a little goes a long way in fighting blemishes and keeping them away. (Bonus: I would also highly recommend this product if your concerns are more than just acne because pure tea tree oil is really effective for nails and scalp treatment too.)


The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Gel:

This is the ultimate spot-correcter for blemishes that just won’t give up. Conveniently packaged in a single stick, this gel is essential for a quick fix before a big outing or the perfect travel buddy when an unwanted pimple comes along for the ride too! It moisturizes the skin so you don’t have to worry about dry skin. The Body Shop is known for creating natural products that are much loved. This is one of the more popular products among consumers because of its convenience and effectiveness. This handy stick that is worth the investment.


Let me know what are your favorite brands for products with Tea Tree Oil!

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