Turn Up The Heat With The Scents Women Love

Sep 14, 2016

Written By: Sergio Saucedo


When it comes to simple male grooming, men seem rather hesitant to try out new things, but wearing cologne, eau de toilette, a signature scent (or however, you decide to call it) is one aspect of male grooming that all, if not most men, practice on a daily basis. Now if only that same level of enthusiasm was applied to all other male grooming essentials, we would all have an amazing complexion, but let’s take things one step at a time. Of course wearing cologne is by no means mandatory, but it’s a powerful extra detail that many stylish men insist is a must-do. It has long been said that women are more attracted to men by how he smells rather than his looks, so men make sure to choose your scent carefully. Or better yet, rather than going out and buying blindly like most men do (I am also guilty of doing this), why not get some recommendations from the ladies you are trying to attract to see which scents they love? Well that’s what we decided to do; we sat down and chatted with some women in our lives to find out which aromas women love to smell on their significant other. Below is a rundown of what they had to say.

Terre d’hermes by HERMÈS

“So this Hermès is my favorite. It just smells so masculine and is very distinctive. Our sense of smell is really heavily tied to memory, so it’s interesting to see how I began to associate this scent with a certain person.” – Ani

Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

“It smells amazing! I love this fragrance for men. Every time my boyfriend wears Acqua Di Gio I can’t get enough of him. It’s that good!” – Mayra

1 Million by Paco Rabanne

“I like this scent because it’s not as strong as most male colognes; it’s a very mild and pleasant scent. It even has a sweet scent that you can barely detect, but I think that’s what makes it stand out from other male colognes. Although it’s a cologne that can work all day, I would say it’s best used for a night out or for an important occasion.”  –Lisette

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

“It smells like heaven and I’m 110% sure that girls will jump on your face if you’re wearing this.” – Elaine

Black by Kenneth Cole

“I find this cologne to have fresh scent. It’s not too strong like most men’s colognes, which give me headaches when men decide to over do it with the sprays.” – Diana

Unpredictable by Glenn Perri


“Unpredictable turns me on because it has a scent of freshness and also manliness. A certain scent can bring back memories that make you feel you’re right next to that special person.” – Karina

Bleu De Chanel by Chanel

“I love that when you’re getting to know a guy & you smell Bleu De Chanel by Chanel, you can immediately predict his good sense of putting himself together & masculinity.”  -Martha

Curve By Liz Claiborne

“I love when my boyfriend wears Curve. To me, it is his signature scent. It has a unique smell that is a little sweeter than most colognes and can easily be recognized. Curve is perfect for daytime wear and lasts all day long.” – Diana M.

Gucci Pour Homme by Gucci

“A man who smells good is an ultimate turn on for me! Luckily my boyfriend always does and it’s the sexiest thing. I can smell his favorite Gucci cologne for days after a date and I love it.” – Julie

Get Rich by All Star Motivation


“Personally, I like when colognes smell strong but not harsh. I would have to say it smells very manly and it doesn’t smell sweet like other men colognes. The aromas are perfectly blended where it does not cause a headache (which colognes can do often when they are too harsh or too sweet). I like this scent because you don’t have to spray a lot and the aroma is long lasting.” – Kim

L’Homme by Saint Laurent Paris

“I really enjoy YSL L’Homme. It’s very masculine and woody, yet a little sweet. I feel like it’s very versatile in that you can really wear it year round regardless of the season. This is a must have and you’ll always get a compliment. I also feel like it’s great for any age, from teens to seniors.” – Joanna

Chrome By Azzaro

“Chrome is one of my favorite colognes for men to wear. It’s such a strong scent that makes whoever is wearing it stand out in a crowd.  It’s such a good smell that I want my boyfriend wearing it 24/7.” – Jocelyn


Do you have a favorite fragrance? What scent do you prefer your significant other to wear? Use the comments box below to let us know your personal recommendations.

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