The Perfect Casual Friday Look For Your Next Internship

Nov 17, 2016

Written By: Guneet Kaur

Arguably (of course), I say the best day of the week is Friday. Think about it, it’s the day that you’re being rewarded with the weekend to let loose and celebrate a full week’s worth of productivity! Almost every working professional I know longs for Friday to come. (Unfortunately, this longing starts from Monday, right?) But, you know what else Friday means? To ditch the business formal look and throw on what you want to wear for Casual Fridays. Now, this doesn’t mean everyone shows up in their pajamas and calls it a day. There is still a level of professionalism that the working world calls for. So now what? You’re stuck right? WRONG. The possibilities are endless with the right pieces of clothing, especially with the look I’m featuring in this blog post. Every piece looks amazing put together and can even be crossed with just about anything else! No matter what, you’ll leave the entire team intrigued by your amazing sense of style. So, try this super cute look that requires minimal effort AND maximizes style points next time you’re at a loss on what to wear for a Casual Friday.

Guneet, State St. 10/10/16

THE piece to have for a Casual Friday is white pants.  This stylish piece of clothing is trending BIG this season and I can’t get enough of it personally. It matches with basically every top I have in my closet so it makes for the perfect go-to pants. I especially love these ones I got from Express.  I absolutely love how the colors of this printed top from Banana Republic really pulls this outfit together.

Guneet, State St. 10/10/16

The halter neckline is another element of this outfit that is stunning. It is perfectly appropriate for the office by ditching the riské neckline most tops have embraced these days. (Also, peep at the lace bralette from Urban Outfitters that also gets rid of ugly bra straps that are unavoidable with these kinds of necklines.)

All together, a clean pair of pair of white sandals and a crossbody bag will give this outfit that chic vibe we all know and crave.

Guneet, State St. 10/10/16

This whole outfit does nothing but compliment itself. There is no reason not to have this gem in the back of your closet for those all too hectic mornings where you coffee is a must-have. (But be careful with accidentally staining your white pants!)

Guneet, State St. 10/10/16

Let me know in the comments what other colors have captured your heart

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