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Aug 13, 2014

The Classic Tote Bag Is Trending Internationally

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Styling the classic tote bag

By: Joanne Yen | The classic tote bag is a versatile yet fashionable bag that has supported our need to carry our lives around with us, including our laptop, iPad, books, magazines, notebooks, food, etc. Retail stores have also placed a focused effort on making their shopping bags both re-usable and fashionable, sometimes making a …View More

Mar 07, 2014

Fashion Closet Essentials – Part 3

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After Closet Essentials – Part 1 & Closet Essentials – Part 2, you should now have 10 items in your closet. Now we’re going to add five more: Leather Jacket: You’ll get a “cool” factor boost when you put this jacket on. A dose of edginess to add some excitement to your look and it is …View More